Aero Poznań Maintenance is a modern, authorized service center for Cirrus aircrafts, located at Poznan Lawica Airport (EPPO) in central Poland.

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Our specialist workshop operates alongside the Aero Poznań Training Center, allowing pilots to service the machine and obtain new certificates and skills simultaneously.

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We care for your comfort and safety everyday!

Our well-trained technical staff provides services in the field of technical documentation (CAMO) and authorized Service Center (AMO), thanks to which machines are constantly monitored and serviced at the right time. The service is carried out in a modern hangar, using new technical tools and precise measuring instruments and in the case of warranty repairs all matters related to the investigation of rights and settlements are handled by our office. What's more, each of the clients can also use the professional Aero SPA.


Aero has all the necessary permissions for the Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization, allowing our clients to fully entrust us with watching over the efficiency of the aircraft. On the basis of CAMO, our team takes care of timely reviews, comprehensive services and maintaining the necessary documentation.

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The safety of pilots is our highest priority. This is the main reason for Aero Poznań to perform comprehensive technical maintenance of aircraft, based on the approval of Part 145.101, providing services related to the operation of aircraft and their components.

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To meet our clients, our service is open from Monday to Friday from 7:00 to 18:00.


Aero Poznań Maintenance operates as Cirrus Aircraft authorized service. Therefore, Visitin Cirrus pilots do not have to worry about formalities in the case of warranty repairs . Aero Poznań deals with them alone, helping our guests!


All services carried out in the facility are conducted on the basis of certificates confirming our authorization and excellent qualifications. That is why, all the Pilots have the guarantee of impeccable quality of offered services .


Aviation is our greatest passion and that is why we aim to make each plane both - reliable and good looking.

Aero Spa

The Aero-Team

Our maintenance team consist of fantastic people with wide competences, in which great love for planes and flying has been implanted. Thanks to them, each Pilot can be sure that all recommended and obligatory service activities will be carried out in a professional manner and with the highest standards.

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Comfort and convenience 

At Aero Poznań, we make sure that our clients feel comfortable while waiting for the service to be completed. Our personnel offers wide choice of extra services and conveniences available for everyone who is willing to spend some time in Aero Luonge and Poznan.

Aero Lounge

Customers waiting for the completion of service work can take advantage of a range of practical amenities available in our comfortable lounge with comfortable couches, thematic press, Wi-Fi and excellent coffee. Everything at the disposal of our guests. All you need is one contact with the service staff to book a car, a hotel room, order a taxi or a hot meal. We will always be happy to help you!


'Be SMART! Go SMART! ' is an initiative created especially for people who want to rent an agile car to drive around the city! For only 50 dollars per day you can rent our company car and go in any direction you choose. No unnecessary formalities and hidden costs! Full fuel tank included!


Aero Poznań is one of the best pilot schools in the world with Cirrus Platinum Training Center title. Check the training offer and combine the plane service with particular course to improve your skills. Save time and money with Aero Poznań!

Aircraft valuation and sales support 

As a service closely cooperating with the Cirrus Aircraft brand, Aero Poznan offers professional technical overview combined with comprehensive valuation of the aircraft. Do not hesitate to contact our advisor to find out more in this topic and get full support and guidance before saling or buying an aircraft.