Cirrus the Vision Jet Training

The Cirrus Vision Jet is coming soon, but you can experience it now! Welcome to Aero Poznań, your gateway to the Cirrus Vision Jet!

Discover the future of aviation with our Introduction to the Cirrus Vision Jet training program. This is a full day event packed with everything you want to know to start your adventure with Cirrus Vision Jet.

You’ll spend eight hours with a Vision Instructor Pilot (VIP) going over everything from the history and design philosophy to the avionics fundamentals and flying characteristics. Finally all your questions will be answered.

And then the fun begins. You will have four hours in the world’s only Vision Jet flight simulator. This purpose built training device is a masterpiece of its own. It not only features original Cirrus Perspective Touch cockpit, but also provides ultra realistic flying sensations due to its unique 6 + 1 degrees of freedom motion system.

In our unique simulator, you will have the opportunity to cover cockpit procedures, general aircraft managing, traffic patterns and basic instrument procedures. Everything in your own pace. If you find some time to have a look outside the window, you will see stunning scenery of New York Manhattan, while flying scenic VFR route along Hudson river. Thanks to our highly advanced visual system and detailed sceneries, you will have this exclusive opportunity to fly between different New York airports and circle around the Statue of Liberty! Sounds like fun? Sure.

Actual simulator pictures

And even this is not the end of your introduction to Vision jet day. Let’s move to Europe and fly mission from A to B, as real as it gets. Geneva to Zurich? Schonefeld to Hamburg? Nice to Palma de Mallorca? You may choose one of the scenarios from our training library. Should you have your favorite route and want to try how it is going to be to fly it onboard of a Cirrus Vision Jet, let us know in advance and we will do our best to accommodate your expectations.

Enrol and visit Aero Poznań for your first Vision Jet experience!

Our five-star facility is located at the General Aviation Terminal of Poznań International Airport (ICAO: EPPO, IATA: POZ). Aero Poznań is renowned for its excellence in training, but also superb customer service, covering every detail of your training program and stay in Poznań with a broad range of concierge services, creating an overall training experience second to none. Poznań is located in the western part of Poland one hour SR22 flight from European capitals like Berlin, Prague, Warsaw and Copenhagen and conveniently directly connected by airlines with (among others) Frankfurt, Munich, London, Paris, Rome and Stockholm. A well-developed transportation infrastructure makes it very easy for visitors to access.

Fill out your information today and we’ll contact you to schedule your personal Introduction to Cirrus Vision Jet.

No surprise getting here by Cirrus is the most convenient way, especially if you reside in Central or Eastern Europe. Flight to Poznań onboard of an SR22 takes approximately one hour from Berlin, Warsaw or Prague. Most destinations in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Hungary, Lithuania and Latvia can be reached within two hours. You can reach Poznan from most European locations without refueling.