Cirrus SR2x Training

Cirrus Transition Training (VFR)

The three-day Cirrus Transition course is designed for licensed pilots who wish to fly a Cirrus aircraft. The course focuses on mastering aircraft control, engine management, use of avionics, use of autopilot and important emergency/abnormal situations in VFR conditions. Completing the Transition Training course satisfies most insurance requirements or aircraft checkout procedures for pilots new to Cirrus aircraft. This package includes 3 days of one-on-one instruction, an aircraft- and avionics-specific pilot training kit and three hours in the flight training device.

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Cirrus Transition Training Advanced (VFR+IFR)

Maximize the aircraft’s utility by completing the Advanced Transition Training course. The advanced version of the Transition Training course develops your proficiency in the IFR environment and culminates with an instrument proficiency check. This package includes an aircraft- and avionics-specific pilot training kit, five days with a Cirrus Training Centre Instructor and six hours in the flight training device.

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Emergency Survival Course

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Every prudent pilot should consider that motto to be his or her own. For that reason, the Emergencies Survival Course is invaluable for all Cirrus plane pilots regardless of age or experience. You would surely appreciate this unique, life-saving training if faced with a real-life emergency or other sudden failures during flight. Staying calm and avoiding panic is as crucial to your safety as well-trained procedures. With a full motion simulation course you have the rare and unique opportunity to experience these situations and practice your knowledge without ever being in real danger.

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SR Recurrent Training

Cirrus aircraft have more technology and safety features than any general aviation aircraft in production today. At Aero Poznań we use a factory syllabus called “The Cirrus Learning Plan” designed to keep the Cirrus pilot safe and with a high level of flying skills. This is the most effective training a pilot can take to truly learn these unique features. Cirrus and Aero Poznań highly recommend Cirrus pilots to follow this recurrent training plan. Doing so will not just maintain your safety skills, but improve them throughout your flying career, and nothing is more important than that.

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Customized Training

From the moment you enter our center and throughout your training day you will have at your disposal a personal instructor, either a licensed Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot (CSIP) or Cirrus Training Center Instructor (CTCI), who has completed many hours of flying time on your choice of plane type. The combination of in-depth professional knowledge and practical experience allows our instructors to follow your specific interests and needs making your dedicated time training a memorable day well spent.

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