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Training Fleet
and Simulators

At Aero Poznań we have made developing the world’s best Cirrus training center our top priority. Nowhere else can offer students the same combination of the latest SR2x and the Vision Jet simulators and Cirrus training fleet as our state-of-the-art facility.

Cirrus the Vision Jet

The only Vision Jet simulator in the world, ours is certified for both Vision introductory experiences and recurrent training. Nowhere else can you prepare for your Vision at this level of detail and accuracy without access to the aircraft itself.

Designed and built by CKAS Mechatronics of Melbourne, Australia, our simulator is equipped with the exact cutting edge, Garmin 3000 avionics found in the Vision. While similar to our SR2x simulator’s highly effective six degrees of freedom, it’s even more exciting. With a full 360 degrees of rotation it’s one of the most advanced full motion simulators in the world. Internally it has air conditioning, an instructor station similar to big airline simulators and 200 x 40 degrees projected visuals.

There is simply nothing else like it, anywhere.

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Cirrus SR2x
FNTPII Simulator

The only full motion simulator equipped with Cirrus Perspective avionics, including all active functions and CAPS, outside the USA.

In this exact copy of a Cirrus cockpit you will experience six degrees of freedom around visual screens that simulate unlimited weather and environmental scenarios creating a realistic flight experience.

Our Cirrus simulator courses strategically integrate flight simulation to help increase efficiency and provide realistic emergency training that is not safe or necessarily possible in the actual aircraft.

Our Cirrus
Training Fleet

Extremely comfortable, luxurious and modern, flying a Cirrus is a truly unique experience. Our student pilots have the advantage of learning in the most technologically advanced aircraft both in terms of safety and pilot comfort.

There are many reasons Cirrus planes are unique. One of the most renowned is CAPS – the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System – that allows the aircraft to land safely in extreme situations by deploying a full-aircraft parachute. All Cirrus aircraft, including our training fleet, come equipped with CAPS.

At Aero Poznań we know that no other light aircraft can match the Cirrus SR20 and it’s more powerful sibling, the SR22. Our SR22s and one SR20 are equipped with the most modern avionics available, the Cirrus Perspective by Garmin. We also have an SR20 fitted with the Avidyne Entergra Anvionics System.