The only aviation training center in the world
providing training for the Cirrus full range of aircraft
from the SR20 to the Vision Jet

Our training offer

Aero Poznań offers a full range of Cirrus specific training programs, as well as key courses for the European licenses and ratings, such as PPL(A) or IR(A).

When you train with Aero Poznań, you will sit behind the controls of what the best in aviation – aircraft that redefined global industry and their respective full motion simulators that lack counterparts in the world.

the Vision Jet

Introduction to the Vision Jet
Cirrus the Vision Jet
Introductory level
1 day of familiarization training


Cirrus Transition Training Course
Cirrus SR2x training
Introductory/Advanced Level
3-5 days training option


Instrument Rating Course
Cirrus SR2x training
Advanced Level
10 days of flight training


Emergencies Survival Course
Cirrus SR2x training
Introductory level
1 or 2 day training option


Private Pilot License
Cirrus SR2x training
Beginner Level
3-6 months performance based
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Aircraft fleet & Simulators

At Aero Poznań day by day we are committed to satisfy training expectations of general aviation pilots. No detail is left unattended and everything is organized around client’s education, self-development and positive experience. Our offer goes far beyond modern Cirrus aircraft fleet and the latest SR2x and the Vision Jet simulators. Must try it to realize, that it is like every aviation training center should be.

Dale Klapmeier
"World class training is a core value of Cirrus Aircraft. Aero Poznań perfectly exemplifies the high level of excellence and expertise that we provide within our global network of Cirrus Training Centers. We are proud to have them representing the Cirrus brand and as our exclusive simulator training partner for the Vision Jet in Europe."
Dale Klapmeier, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Cirrus Aircraft
Dale photo
parachute plane

Training at Aero Poznań
saves lives

Sessions in Aero Poznań full motion simulator with a first class instructor are the only way to achieve a good chance of survival in genuine emergency situations.

Unexpected weather, sudden changes to the flight plan by ATC, aircraft failures - all these and many more unplanned events cause stress, the more so when we are alone in the cockpit.

Regular simulator training at Aero Poznań is the best way to build the well-founded confidence one needs for these situations. No one knows that better than me.

Peter Patel, PPL/IR(A)
United Kingdom

In emergency pulled CAPS
on June 6th, 2013

Aero Poznań’s client
since Nov 13th, 2012 until today.
Aero Poznań in numbers

Founded on joined experience
of world class instructors


pilots trained

25 000+

hours of flight and simulator
training provided
Piotr Długiewicz
Platinum Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot CSIP
Piotr Długiewicz photo
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At Aero Poznań
we will help you
to spread your wings

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Pilots testimonials

What our
customers say
about Aero Poznań

Aero Poznan provides unmatched training opportunities to GA pilots in Europe. I come back to Aero Poznan on a regular basis. Each time is a personal growth and development experience in facilities second to none in Europe.
Dr. Johannes P. Willheim, Austria
Cirrus SR22T owner/pilot
No doubts, there are several schools in Italy and along the way from my place to Poznan that offer Instrument Rating or Cirrus training. But it is not about just earning entries to your license; it is all about solid foundations for demanding single pilot IFR operation. For savvy GA pilots, Aero Poznan is a training center of choice.
Basilio Zusi, Italy
Cirrus SR22 owner/pilot
One size never fits all. Dedicated curriculum, tailored to my individual needs and abilities, type specific simulators, real life scenarios supported by dedication, technical knowledge and skills of the instructors made me a confident IFR pilot efficiently and on schedule. And throughout the course in Aero Poznane it was about me feeling and understanding my Cirrus rather than about plain instrument procedures and manoeuvres.
Sebastian Podkański, Poland
CEO, CRH Żagiel Sp. z o.o.
Cirrus SR22 owner/pilot
I have been extremely impressed with not only the superb facilities at Aero Poznan, but also the helpful and highly professional attitude of everyone involved with the organization. My training with Aero Poznan and John Page has not only made me a better and much safer pilot, but importantly it has given me the 'skills and confidence' to deal with difficult and potentially dangerous situations. I now regularly visit Aero Poznan and will continue to do so, for as long as I remain a pilot.
Keith Baldwin, UK
Chairman, The Jon Egging Trust
Cirrus SR22 owner/pilot
At the end of the day, what stands between you and a potentially serious accident is your training. Aero Poznan offers unparalleled instruction in a highly controllable environment, giving student pilots the kind of hands on training that may one day save your life.
Halvor Vislie, Norway
Chief Operating Officer, The Future Group
Cirrus SR22 owner/pilot
Additional services

Human Lab:
Supporting man
in the cockpit

Aero Poznań Human Lab is a research and development division of Aero Poznań. Highly educated professionals in aviation psychology and human factors bring cutting edge solutions, so far reserved only for military aviators, like eyetracking or normobaric hypoxia simulation to the daily training practice in general aviation. All of them make you even more successful in your efforts to become safer and more competent pilot.

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Aero Poznań headquarters

Stay in Poznań

How to get

Poznań is located in the western part of Poland in a distance of approximately one hour of an SR22 flight from European capitals like Berlin, Prague, Warsaw and Copenhagen and conveniently directly connected by airlines with (among others) Frankfurt, Munich, London, Paris, Rome and Stockholm. A well-developed transportation infrastructure makes it very easy for visitors to access.

Whether you arrive by airplane, train, bus or car you’ll get here quickly and easily. Moreover, our public transportation system can take you to the farthest corners of the city and there are even public bikes for rent.

Where to stay

As the host city of the Poznań International Fair and many other cultural and business events, Poznań offers a large selection of comfortable hotels at the highest, world-class standards including Sheraton, Mercure, the unique City Park Hotel & Residence and the cozy Comm Hotel - all located near the Poznań International Airport and Aero Poznań facility.

Aero Poznań is partnered with the elegant City Park Hotel. A five-star hotel with a reputation for excellent customer service, the City Park Hotel provides a unique and authentic experience for our customers.

What to explore

Poznań is a city of fun and entertainment with attractions to please everyone. The vibrant city is always ready to surprise its visitors with new places, interesting exhibitions, alternative art and breath-taking concerts. From the Opera House and Concert Hall to modern clubs and pubs, there is much to be found in and around the Old Square Market.


Our five-star facility is located at the General Aviation Terminal of Poznań International Airport. Aero Poznań premises are equipped with modern briefing and conference rooms available on daily basis.

Aero Poznań is renowned for its excellence in training, but also superb customer service, covering every detail of client training program and stay in Poznań with broad range of concierge services, making overall training experience second to none.