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Our industry is growing rapidly. Everything is happening at an ever faster pace, and it is time, along with competence and safety, that is a key in fascinating aviation world. With this in mind, we want every important information from the world of Aero Poznań and Cirrus Aircraft to reach you at the right time, in an accessible form.

The newsletter has been designed for both current and future pilots as well as all aviation enthusiasts and the Cirrus Aircraft admirers. Some of the most essential topics are listed below. We hope you will like it!

The art of flying with Aero Poznań


Recent, significant news regarding training and customized promotional offers.


Be the first to know about upcoming seminars and get the access to pre-sale tickets.


Stay up to date with technical innovations and gain access to professional knowledge.


Follow changes in regulations and the latest news important for current and future pilots.


Let us show you the true science that makes the training approach even more effective!

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Entertainment in the world of aviation at the highest level. For everyone.

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Are you thinking about buying a new Cirrus? We have a lot of useful information for you!


We connect current aircraft owners with pilots willing to buy used planes.

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Important and useful information that will allow you to fully enjoy flying your plane.
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