Cirrus Vision® Jet – the first European Type Rating completed in Poznań

June and July 2020 turned out to be tremendous breakthroughs for Cirrus Aircraft and Aero Poznań as well as  lucky months for the first GA pilots who successfully completed a practical exam for EASA Type Rating on Cirrus SF50. The Polish ATO has recently proclaimed a successful culmination of countless years of work and preparation to enable a complex service of EASA Type Rating on Cirrus Vision Jet in Eurpe.

Two pilots successfully completed practical exams for EASA Type Rating on SF50. Prior to that, they had finished both theoretical and practical training at Aero Poznan, conducted in accordance with an original syllabus authorized by Polish CAA. This event was a symbolic closure for an eight-year process of introducing a Vision Jet Type Rating in Europe.

From now on, Poznan is the place where all the pilots interested in operating Cirrus SF50 can obtain a full training and certification according to both FAA and EASA regulations. The center has all the necessary authorizations, technical and teaching facilities and qualified instructors.

The award-winning Cirrus Vision® Jet has defined a completely new category on GA aircraft market – a Personal Jet™ – which represents high performance, the most advanced technology and is easy to fly even for non-commercial Pilots-owners. This new aircraft type determined an utterly new approach to flight training. Because there is a jet engine installed in the aircraft, it is essential to obtain a Type Rating but also ensure that all the pilots, regardless of their experience, receive the same level of education. That is why Cirrus Aircraft decided to introduce a “factory direct” training model which is provided directly by the manufacturer. They choose Aero Poznań as their direct and only partner for this enterprise, making Polish ATO responsible for FAA and EASA Type Ratings for all the European customers. As a result, the only two places in the world where it is possible to obtain a full Cirrus Vision Jet Type Rating are Cirrus Jet Center in Knoxville, TN and Aero Poznań – Cirrus Training Center in Poland.     

Regarding the substantial content and requirements standardization, the Training Syllabi offered in Aero Poznan are composed accordingly to their corresponding American models. Maintaining compliance between both American and European training approaches is an essential objective of the whole programme, which has been necessarily adjusted for EASA regulations. Polish ATO in Poznań was certified for Type Rating on March 2020, alas due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, a regular flight training and examination for all the candidates needed to be postponed. It is assumed that by the end of 2020, twenty more pilots will have obtained a full training and certification in Aero Poznan.        

Until this day, Cirrus Aircraft has delivered over 150 Vision Jet Aircraft one of which was received by a Polish customer. Another 450 owners await for their aircraft to be manufactured in the American factory. Generation 2 of the Vision Jet is already available on the market, presenting even better assembly of an enhanced Garmin 3000 Cirrus Perspective Touch avionics, CAPS® – know very well from the SR series – and the ultimate safety guaranteed by the newest Safe Return™ emergency autoland system.